Tim Tebow is on the brink of NFL history

It’s not the good kind.

Tim Tebow after his first, and only, playoff victory.Tim Tebow after his first, and only, playoff victory. (AP)

If his downward slide into NFL oblivion continues, Tim Tebow would become only the second quarterback in NFL history to never start another regular season game immediately after winning in the playoffs.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau (via Mike Klis), Tebow would join Bob Lee, a 32-year-old quarterback on the 1977 Vikings, in that ignominious category. That stat only applies to quarterbacks who remained active after their playoff wins. (John Elway, for instance, doesn’t count.)

Tebow started the Denver Broncos miraculous overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. That took place just 16 months ago. Since then, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets, dropped on the depth chart, cut and cleared waivers.

It’s a far different path than Lee, who took over late in the 1977 season for an injured Fran Tarkenton and won a wild card game with the Vikes. Tarkenton returned the following season and Lee never started again.

The stat is interesting, but it won’t last. Tebow is going to start another game at some point in his career. It might not be this year, or next year, but it’ll happen, whether it be through skill, luck, injuries or an act of Goodell.

You know that famous F. Scott Fitzgerald quote about how there are no second acts in American life? That’s nonsense. American life is all about second acts. Tebow will get his one day.


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